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Engen Capital. New option for carriers

From Engenium to Engen, focus is what counts!

Business Credit Applications Will Accelerate This Year: Engen

Engen Capital will encourage growth by assisting medium-sized companies

Financiera Engen Capital prepares debt issuance on the Stock Market in 2020

Medio 5

Engen Capital seeks to become the financial company with which it's easier to do business

Engen Capital seeks to revitalize leasing culture

11,000 million pesos for easier financing

11,000 million pesos for easier financing

Medio 9

Engenium Capital evolves and becomes Engen Capital


Engenium Capital goes for Stock Market Resources

Automotive, the dynamic industry to finance

Engenium Capital will raise resources in the BMV to provide more financing

Engenium Capital will focus financing on transport and logistics


The Accountant

Engenium Capital, former General Electric company, goes for investors

Former GE unit would help 'revive' the Mexican corporate bond market

Millennium Business. Sergio Hernández, CEO Engenium Capital

Engenium Capital will seek 2,000 million pesos in Stock Certificates

Column - Mario Maldonado

Column - Alberto Barranco


Engenium Capital, former General Electric company goes for investors

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