We know that you require sophisticated equipment, so we help you explore options that fit your business cycle and budget.

Having a partner that helps you acquire the right equipment and machinery is the success of your project.

We understand the scale involved in a construction or mining project. Our team of industry experts knows about the advanced equipment needed to achieve success, so we thoroughly analyze every detail to design specific, entirely tailor-made financing that is a realistic solution for you.

Let’s put together from the first stone to the last one,

we are experts in mining and construction equipment!


> We design specific financing according to the needs of your business.

> Opting for leasing will allow you to release your other lines of credit.

> We help you achieve success through the financing of the most advanced equipment.

> Our credit approval process is efficient and allows you to concentrate on the development of your projects. 


Experts in financing productive assets in flexible structures.


We provide you with the tools to manage your business more easily.

Progress Payment

Finance advances.

At Engen Capital we are specialists in understanding your business to design the financial solution for you and thus grow together.



For existing clients:


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CDMX y Metropolitan area:

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  Mexico City Office:

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Monterrey Office:

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Guadalajara Office:

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Cancún Office:

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