Advances in medical technology do not stop. Neither do we.

Our financing options can help you acquire state-of-the-art equipment to stay competitive and keep growing.

When it comes to health, there are no limits. We finance the health of your business through medical equipment.

Discover how we can help you with the financing of medical equipment so that your business can continue to grow and your customers can stay healthy. No matter what kind of equipment you need, our extensive experience and knowledge of the medical industry allows us to design flexible and innovative, tailor-made solutions with long terms, focused on your strategic objectives and the best options so that you always have the latest generation equipment that will keep your business healthy. 

When it comes to medical equipment, we are your healthiest choice!


Flexible and innovative financing solutions.

Credit lines and financing options with tax benefits

We understand and design financing based on your strategic objectives.

We have solid experience in the market that allows us to guarantee results and flexible execution.

We finance any brand of equipment.

Extensive asset knowledge so we can offer long terms, tailored to your needs.

At the end of your financing period you have the option to renew your equipment so that you are always at the forefront. 


Experts in financing productive assets in flexible structures.


We provide you with the tools to manage your business more easily. 


Simplify recurring equipment purchases.

Progress Payment

Finance advances.

At Engen Capital we are specialists in understanding your business to design the financial solution for you and thus grow together.



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