We are the integral solution that will accompany you throughout the life cycle of technology in your company.

Leave the management of your company's technology in our hands.

Engen Capital’s Technology Financing gives you much more than financing, as our solution is designed to manage all the technology of your business so all you have to worry about is making your company grow. 

When it comes to equipment with a chip, we know it all!


> Eliminate the costs of ownership: you will not pay expenses associated with obsolete equipment (extended warranties – maintenance – sale – removal – storage – ecological destruction).

> Increase your productivity:  avoid interruptions in your operation with a cutting-edge technological base.

> Sales & lease back option: financing of used units at market or book value.

> Expand your selection: we finance your multi-brand and multi-platform projects (hardware and software).

>  Control your assets: control the life cycle of your equipment at all times. 


Experts in financing productive assets in flexible structures.

Managed Services

We are a solution designed to manage all the technological infrastructure of your business so all you have to worry about is making your company grow. 

Maneged Services places the technology of your company in expert hands throughout its entire life cycle with specialized services that include:

Start up

  • Shipping of equipment kit
  •  Installation
  • Drop in the box
  • Generation of images
  • Loading or re-ironing of images
  •  Bios configuration
  • Labeling


Benefit: quick and easy configuration and adjustments of equipment and cost reduction.



• Basic service desk
• Break & fix report service nationwide

Benefit: nationwide (all of Mexico) solutions and improvement in user experience.

End of lease

• Secure erase
• Collection of equipment kit
• Sale to employees (for computer equipment only)

Benefit: simplifies delivery processes, reduces costs and ensures the destruction of information.


Experts in financing productive assets in flexible structures.


Simplify recurring equipment purchases

Progress Payment

Finance advances.

At Engen Capital we are specialists in understanding your business to design the financial solution for you and thus grow together.



For existing clients:


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Monterrey Office:

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