We develop financing strategies for your clients that increment value to your business and boost your growth.

When it comes to incrementing your team’s sales, our Vendor Finance team is the expert. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, integrator or wholesaler with Vendor Finance from Engen Capital, you can experience the power of financing to increase your sales.

We’ll become your commercial ally and we’ll put at your disposal our wide capacity to offer the best financial solutions for your products, with personalized attention nationwide by our sales team.

Our allies have been able to increase their sales … Don’t stay behind and discover how having us as your financial arm will make your business stronger every day.

Do you sell equipment? This is for you.
Get to know our areas.

Creating long-term relationships.

We are experts designing solutions tailored to your products and market

At the beginning

• Program design, scope and implementation

• Assigning a Vendor Manager

• Training program

During the pogram

• Development of promotional material

• Quotation tools

• Credit approval model

• Campaigns o promotions

Ensuring success.

• Commercial and operational rhythm

• Metrics and monitoring reports

What can we offer you?

> Credit approval criteria according to your market

> We maximize the value of your equipment

> Designed structures based on the profile and needs of your clients

> Flexible payment schemes according to your client’s requirements

We finance new and used equipment

> Specialized funding solutions for your distributors and clients: lease-sublease and lease for rental fleets

No matter what industry your customers are from, we know them all

More than $66 billion pesos granted in new financing in the last 6 years


Experts in giving the most value to your team in flexible structures.


Useful tools to manage the sale of your equipment in the easiest way.


Simplify recurring purchases.

Progress Payment

Finance advance payments.

At Engen Capital we are specialists in understanding your business to design the financial solution for you and thus grow together.



For existing clients:


  Rep. Mexicana: 01800-022-1000

CDMX y Metropolitan area:

(55) 5023-3003


  Mexico City Office:

(55) 5023-3000

Monterrey Office:

(81) 2474-0100

Guadalajara Office:

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Cancún Office:

(998) 800-7791

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